AgFiniti, Ag Leader's NEW cloud-based platform, allows you to send and receive data files wirelessly from the cab. Guidance lines, prescriptions, as-applied maps and other data files can be sent and received wirelessly and backed up on a secure AgFiniti account. Files can also be accessed from your smartphone or tablet in the field or at the office, then shared with trusted advisors such as dealers, co-ops or farm managers.

Ag Leader Announces Hydraulic Down Force 8-Section Control
More sections of control and row—by-row sensing are two factors that play heavily into improving plant emergence and root development, By sensing with more precision and offering more sections, the Hydraulic Down Force System is better able to recognize variations in field conditions and respond by planting seed at the proper depth.

John Deere HavestLab and Constituent Sensing
Now, beef and dairy producers can determine corn silage nutrient quality to get the most out of their feed, and ultimately, increase production.
John Deere Harvest Lab Constituent Sensing lets you determine the content of several quality parameters simultaneously in various replica tag heuer crops and organic material. Using corn silage as an example, you can measure the content of:
  • Moisture/dry matter
  • Protein
  • Starch
  • NDF/ADF (Fiber)

360 SoilSCAN
Take control and capture more yield potential with real-time nitrate readings - early season to tassel. Feed your crop at the point of need rather than convenience.
  • In-field nitrate readings
  • Coming soon: Ammonium and Potassium sensor.
  • Results take five minutes from sample to completion versus waiting for lab results
  • 360 Soi1SCAN is rugged, portable, and works well on ATVs or pickup trucks